Player Profiles

Aaron Hursey *

Experience: Playing with puppies.

Fun Fact: He's actually the dog in this picture.

Bio: Aaron is Oregon born and raised. He is one of our homegrown products. He has been in the process of being groomed for years. Waiting. Waiting for his chance to strike. Don’t give him that chance. He. Will. Strike.

Abe Weill *

Experience: Lewis & Clark sooo debatable...

Fun Fact: Abe is known as 'Calf guy' for the majority of teams who don't know him. Even some who do.

Bio: Abe recently decided to call it quits with his career as a professional Survivor enthusiast. We believe his proficient knowledge of reality television “teamwork” will translate well into teamwork on the frisbee field.

Adam Odeh *

Experience: Cooking up a storm.

Fun Fact: Actually from Texas (unlike some other players)

Bio: Adam has spent some time around the frisbee scene, but after his illustrious career in Dallas, Texas he's ready to test out his chops with us. We're stoked for his finger (f)lickin’ good throws.

Alex Tomlinson

Experience: Desert Ultimate.

Fun Fact: We think he is actually 12.

Bio: The short speedster was acquired last off season from Arizona in exchange for rain. We consider this a steal due to Oregon’s abundance. AT’s boyish good looks and high ultimate IQ leave fans wanting more.

Andrew Winterman

Experience: Lets just say that he can tie his own ties.

Fun Fact: He got stuck in that hammock.

Bio: Andrew is one of our seasoned veterans. He has spent years studying. He often combines philosophy with frisbee. He belongs to a temple with the ideology centered around patience. He brings his ideologies and philosophies to the field and preaches about patience to the team in hopes of bringing balance.

August Schwartz

Experience: Look at that smile.

Fun Fact: He ate the cupcake.

Bio: August has been compared to Dwight Schrute from The Office. Both work on farms and ball hard at the office. The only difference is that August’s office is the frisbee field. Bids, Breaks, Bookends.

Austin Kelly

Experience: He is the Bill Parcells of Ultimate... Bringing teams out from the basement, to the top of their games.

Fun Fact: His hair hasn't stopped growing since last season... probably won't stop.

Bio: Many credit him with singlehandedly transforming and growing PSU ultimate. Others ask, “PS who?” Despite the small program, Austin continues to have fun leading the team in most scoobers, lefties, hammers, thumbers, backhands, forehands, d’s, push passes, but not layouts.

Ben Whitehead

Experience: One of those Lewis & Clarkies.

Fun Fact: He ALWAYS wears a hat... does he even have a top of his head?

Bio: Whitehead grew up knowing two things, potatoes and frisbee. After leaving Idaho to pursue his career in frisbee, he decided to move to Portland. He has only recently started getting over his breakup with his potato farm. What has helped him get over this is his love for frisbee. Ben looks to huck the potatoes, I mean discs, to streaking farmers, I mean flatballers this summer in his next season with Rip.

Braeden Yamashita *

Experience: Business CEO.

Fun Fact: Still has yet to say anything. To anybody.

Bio: Born without arms, Braeden was able to grow his own through sheer force of will before partying his way to the top of the UP ultimate program.

Brant McGee

Experience: Meat.

Fun Fact: He doesn't climb the wall, the wall climbs him.

Bio: Pictures of Brant consuming vegetables will be rewarded handsomely $$$$$.

Breeze Stout *

Experience: Yelling.

Fun Fact: We never know where he is.

Bio: Nobody has seen him sleep. We’re worried about his health.

Chris Blaydon

Experience: Sledding without a sled.

Fun Fact: This photo was taken after he ate an incredibly spicy burrito.

Bio: Inventor of the phrase, “It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.”

Danny Heinz

Experience: 12 years at Reed.

Fun Fact: He is getting married!!!!

Bio: Danny took time off before coming to college. He decided to wait until he could be signed for a mega deal. Unfortunately, the league called his bluff and he decided to go to Reed College. Unfortunately, after Peach left, he is the only frisbee player on the Reed team. He abuses teams with his burning speed to throw the disc down the field and then catch up to it.

Ethan Bruno

Experience: Years at the school of Katy Perry.

Fun Fact: He used to be taller until he came into his permanent slouch.

Bio: When Bruno was a newcomer to the sport, he compensated for his lack of jumping ability with knowledge of Katy Perry lyrics. He has dressed up as Katy Perry for the last nine Halloweens. The last NINE. His dedication to Katy Perry is only out ranked by his love for frisbee. Although only starting in college, Bruno has quickly fallen in love with the sport. Though his past might be hot n cold, when he steps on to the field this season, people will hear him roar. He looks to enjoy playing this season while ONLY listening to Katy Perry.

Ezra Bergmann *

Experience: He's played frisbee before?

Fun Fact: He's actually a model for Adidas, can't you tell from the picture?

Bio: Ezra was just a young lad when he was watching Dr. Peach and Danny play for Reed on ESPN 8 The Ocho. He decided that he too wanted to ball as hard as his frisbee idols, so he decided to take his talents to South East Portland. We're excited to see what he can do for us this year in his first club season.

Ian Fisher *

Experience: Being a dad.

Fun Fact: There are no photos of just Fish on his facebook. He is a family man.

Bio: Rip’s first parent, Fish is expected to bring maturity and plenty of fatherly wisdom like lowering the thermostat and vacuuming the car too frequently to be normal.

Jack Hochberg

Experience: 'Murica.

Fun Fact: 'Murica.

Bio: Young Jeezy, to our knowledge is actually Madison Bumgarner. Facts: they both always wear a Giants hat, they both have ridiculous throws and long flowing beautiful hair, the Giants and Rip City never play on the same day, and they both enjoy throwing lefty. Although, we assume Bumgarner is trying to disguise himself by slinging the disc with his right hand, as opposed to his naturally dominant left hand.

Jack Padon *

Experience: Padawan to Tyler.

Fun Fact: We think he is part machine.

Bio: Everyone knows Jack is a nice guy. What many may not know is that under that veneer is a storm of rage which he metabolizes into pure focus when the disc is in the air. Angry when an opponent jumps for the disc, He. Will. Jump. Higher.

Jb La Meres

Experience: See "Fun Fact".

Fun Fact: Speed Kills.

Bio: He is our man on the inside. All we can say is that he works for a top sports apparel company. He uses his powers to build himself a crazy powerful suit of badass sports apparel. He uses his suit to rescue lost discs, free himself from defenders, and help the world of Rip City defend itself from evil.

Jesse Debord

From: Damascus, Texas.

Experience: Lassoing his cattle.

Fun Fact: Jesse has over 5 cowboy hats and 8 pairs of cowboy boots.

Bio: By all accounts a real man’s man, Debord hails all the way from Damascus, OR, which we believe is somewhere in West Texas. Jesse spends his time away from ultimate with his yellow lab, sending snapchats about doing homework more than he actually does his homework.

Kyle Barton

Experience: Starting Ultimate with the cavemen and dinosaurs.

Fun Fact: His hat was immediately destroyed after this picture.

Bio: Some question whether he’s related to Tim Duncan because of his love for the fundamentals. Growing up he hated being taunted for being a lefty. He channels this rage into the best fundamentals and lefty break throws.

Liam Rowley *

Experience: His knees.

Fun Fact: Are.

Bio: Broken.

*Liam's knees are out of commission.

Ludwig Salzmann

Experience: International.

Fun Fact: Ludwig holds this pose when he needs to center himself. This wouldn't be a problem if he didn't decide to do so in the middle of a point.

Bio: He has two dreams for this season with Rip. The first is to prove his baller skills on the field. The second is to overtake Tiemo as the most German.

Michael Hayes

Experience: Doesn't look like much.

Fun Fact: He caught it.

Bio: This mysterious character has spent most of his time in front of the computer, even programming robots. Sometimes he comes to the field uttering just zero’s and one’s. Luckily we have many other computer programmers to help decipher the code. Turns out he’s actually just saying “I love frisbee!”

Patrick Beckett

Experience: None.

Fun Fact: Onesie monsies are a serious day for Patrick.

Bio: Patrick is best known as the Baby-Faced Assassin. Mostly because he is still just a high school baby, but also because he’s baller at ultimate. Watch out world, you’ll never expect it when you see his never-before-shaven face, but he’ll absolutely roast you -- with zingers and throws and skies.

Pete Woodside *

Experience: Baja Blast.

Fun Fact: Pete maintains the exact same length of hair all across his body.

Bio: Pete always knows what to say in the huddle and in the bedroom. Woodside has pledged to break three arms for us this season.

Peter Beach Ph.D.

Experience: He is a doctor.

Fun Fact: He is a doctor of peaches.

Bio: Peter Beach earned the nickname “Peach” for reasons still unknown. He doesn’t look like a peach and according to the scouting report, hates fruit. He is a man of mystery. He recently graduated Reed College where he lead the team in most times to wear a funny hat and play a game of frisbee. A considerable challenge among Reedies.

Rhett Larson *

Experience: Army Training, Sir.

Fun Fact: He can palm basketballs with ease.

Bio: The US Army has not allowed us to disclose any information on Rhett Larson.

Russel Mayhew *

Experience: Gaelic Football.

Fun Fact: He is not fun.

Bio: After immigrating from Ireland to bring Gaelic Football to the US of A, he soon fell in love with this weird sport called Ultimate Frisbee. He is just so happy to be here in America.

Ryo Kikumiya *

Experience: International.

Fun Fact: Ryo always carries this trophy everywhere he goes.

Bio: It is well known that Japan has been great at baseball for a long time. But they seem to sending over even more ultimate players lately. Ryo looks to become the Ichiro of ultimate by joining Rip this year.

Sam Gordon-Koven

Experience: Look at the hair.

Fun Fact: That is real hair.

Bio: As one of the fastest and most talented cutters to ever come out of the NW D3 college ultimate scene, GK enjoys just sitting back and handling most of the time.

Tiemo Landes

Experience: Doubt it.

Fun Fact: Tiemo's younger years were a challenging time.

Bio: German by birth, he had trouble coming to America. His dream was to just scream German things and get dope layout d’s with his flowing mane. America finally let him into the country on the condition he cut his hair. He happened to sneak into the country with his long hair until he was caught by Rip City and had to cut it. Will 2016 be the return of sophomore Tiemo? Or will we wait forever for a man that has fundamentally changed?

Tyler Honsinger

Experience: Absolutely. Look at him.

Fun Fact: Tyler is a bus.

Bio: Tyler loves touching things. He got the nickname “Touches” when he was a four year old trying to touch other people’s butts. After learning he was not allowed to do that, he decided to put his touching focus into frisbee. He has been touching frisbees since then and will continue to love the feeling of the plastic disc.

(Coach) Mike Knapp

Experience: Tequila.

Fun Fact: Its always Knappy Hour.

Bio: Has been involved with frisbee since before some of us were even born. He looks to become the next Popovich with his assigned preseason reading on leadership and team-building. Knapp specializes in tequila shots, and telling the sideline to shut up.