About Us

Who We Are

Rip City Ultimate is a Men's Ultimate Club team based out of Portland, Oregon. We compete at a high level of ultimate in the Pacific Northwest with a goal to continue to build a strong community of great ultimate wherever we play.

Team Philosophy

First and foremost, we want to emphasize our team culture and philosophy. We strive to be a team that plays as competitively together as possible and plays to win, then gets a beer afterwards. We strive to be a team that is fun to play with and for others to play against. This is a culture based competitive team that values spirit of the game while also playing hard fought games.

We want our players to find their role on our team. Be it on and off the field, during a point or on the sideline, leading in huddles or being a role model leading by example. Find it. Fill it. Live it.

We want our players to take ownership in this team and be a positive influence for the team, their teammates, and our competition.

We want to grow the Portland Ultimate community and make a name for ourselves. Speaking of names, if you haven't heard, this year we are adopting an alter-ego… Whale Bus! All aboard the Rip City Whale Bus! Don’t worry, everyone eventually gets on it for we are the bus to your whale. We are the whale to your bus. What does that spell?


Rip City Ultimate is a culture based Ultimate Frisbee organization that aims to be a competitive force in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation, emphasizing the Spirit of the Game and bettering what is around us, be it our teammates, our competition, or our community.


Our core values of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect, and integrity drive us to continue making a positive impact on those around us.

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