Rip City Whale Bus Ultimate

Rip Roster 2017

Aaron Hursey *

Abe Weill *

Adam Odeh *

Alex Tomlinson

Andrew Winterman

August Schwartz

Austin Kelly

Ben Whitehead

Braeden Yamashita *

Brant McGee

Breeze Stout *

Chris Blaydon

Danny Heinz

Ethan Bruno

Ezra Bergmann *

Ian Fisher *

Jack Hochberg

Jack Padon *

Jb La Meres

Jesse Debord

Kyle Barton

Liam Rally *

Ludwig Salzmann

Michael Hayes

Patrick Becket

Pete Woodside *

Peter Beach

Rhett Larson *

Russell Mayhew *

Ryo Kikumiya *

Sam Gordon-Koven

Tiemo Landes

Tyler Honsinger

Coach Mike Knapp

* indicates new bus riders


In Memory of Jonah Newman

Jonah Newman meant a lot to the Portland Ultimate community. He brought the best out of everyone around him and made sure to make everyone else's day better. It was with a very heavy heart and deep sadness to learn of Jonah's passing. He was a great player, former teammate, a wonderful and friendly person, and always the life of any party. The amount of lives he touched in his own unique way is a credit to how truly amazing of an individual he was. His passing has created a void that can never be filled and he will be deeply missed.

This was unexpected for all of us. We want to remind everyone that your team is more than just a group of people you play Ultimate with. They are your friends, your support, and are there for you for whatever you may need. It pains us to have another beloved teammate take their own life, and it reminds us to take the time to reach out to the people you care about. Stay close and be there for your friends. Take that extra step if you sense a friend in need.

We love you Jonah. You will always be remembered. If anyone is currently battling with depression or other mental health issues, please seek help. There is nothing your friends and family wouldn't do to save your life.

The Portland community will be celebrating Jonah Newman on Tuesday, June 20th, at Columbia Annex from 6:30 - 9:00 PM.